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The Fast of the 9th of Av

A recorded message from Rav Cherki about the fast of the 9th of Av.

The fast of the Ninth of Av 5774 is on Tuesday August 5, 2014 (starting the night before).
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We mark the ninth of the month of Av as the darkest day of Judaism, when five disasters occurred to our ancestors. Perhaps, however, we can find a point of light in this matter. Evidently the scouts sent by Moses feared that entry into practical living and lives of politics, economics, worldly matters would lead to moral degredation, Throughout our history, the Ninth of Av has served as a safety valve to protect Israel from moral corruption. Now that we have returned to our land, we can once again fulfill our mission of leading the world to light and justice.

Rabbi Oury Cherki

Rav Oury Cherki was born in Algeria in 1959 and grew up in France, and he made Aliyah in 1972. He studied at Merkaz Harav Yeshiva, which was founded by Rav Avraham Yitzchak Kook. He performed his military service in the artillery branch of the IDF. He studied with Rav Tzvi Yehuda Kook, Rav Yehuda Leon Ashkenazi (Manitou), Rav Shlomo Binyamin and Achlag. Rav Cherki heads the Israeli department of Machon Meir, and he is the Director of Brit Olam - the Noahide World Center. He teaches in many places throughout Israel. Rav Cherki is the spiritual leader of the "Beth Yehuda" community in Kiryat Moshe (Jerusalem). He has written many books on Jewish thought and philosophy.

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