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reconciliation of sins..

reconciliation of sins..


I don’t know the exact statement, but very free noted:

Teshuva will bring forgiveness. When the sins are more serious Teshuva and Jom Kipur. When most serious Teshuva, Jom kipur AND suffering.

Maybe you know the exact statement and source for it ?

(I hope i remember it well enough).

What does it mean exactly, because how do we know when teshuva is not enough or even Jom Kipur is not enough ?

Does it also mean that Jom Kipur is necessary for noahides to keep in connection to this statement ?

I am so free to ask about the 70 korbanot we jews bring on sukot for the nations.

For which sins do we bring those 70 korbanot for the nations ?

Can you explain me the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation ?



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