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christian to non practising islam to Judaism

I was raised in Christianity. I never understood why jesus had to bear punishment for everyone’s sins. Age 31, I moved from my Western country to Arabia as an expat worker, to make more money and not pay tax. I met a modern Muslim women and married her. Part of this deal is that I had to officially convert to Islam. I never took it seriously and never believed in Islam nor practised it. I then researched Christianity; Islam and Judaism for twelve years, and came to the clear conclusion that Judaism is the only valid religion. The wife and I had two children. We now fight like cat and dog due to cultural issues (e.g. Arabic women can be very disrespectful of husbands in general). We have maritial relations about every two months. I have taught my children not to believe in Islam, and to favour Judiasm. If I were to divorce, I want to be sure that it would be acceptable in Judaic law, given that she is a muslim and given that I am determined to become a Jew eventually, no matter whay oe who stands in my path. If I divorce a Muslim and convert to Judiasm and make Alia, does Judiac law consider it a sin and unacceptable? I am 44, and I feel an unstoppable need to become a Jew. Ps: my grandfather was a Jew, but he neber shared anything about Judaism with me, except ro give me a Star of David pendant when I was ten, without any explanation. When he passed away, the wider family were all Christian ans sadly remain so to this day.

–Details:Christan to fake Muslim to Judaism

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