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Mikwe for noahides ?..

Mikwe for noahides ?..


I have read the response of the rabbi in ‘ask the tabbi ‘ about the mikwe.

I give the QA:

2. Is a Noahide allowed to immerse himself in a mikveh (a ritual bath)? A: Yes, as long as he does it with the intention of purifying himself but not with the intention of becoming a Jew.

3. If the answer is yes, what are suitable words or a prayer for a Noahide to recite when immersing in a mikveh? A: “vezarakti aleichem mayim tehorim utehartem mikol tum’oteichem umikol gilulechem ataher etchem” (“I will sprinkle pure water upon you and you will be purified. I will purify you from all your uncleaness and from all your fetishes”) (Ezekiel 36:25).

My questions:

When and how can a noahide become impure ?

What do you exactly mean by ‘purifying’ ?

Particularly ex christians feel themselves guilty by the fact that they believed in the trinity of G’d and have prayed to Jesus, as if he is G’d. They feel as if they were idolators, worhipping an idol, one of the seven laws benee noah.

They want to do teshuva.

What is your advise for that ? What shall they do ?

Is a mikweh a advisable practice in such cases/ aveirot (sins) ?

In most situations a mikweh is not avaiable, but maybe a see or river. Can it used as mikweh ? When is it a mikweh and when not ?

The mikweh is only valible when used naked. When you go to a river or see, which can be used as mikweh, is it an obligation for noahides to do it also naked ?



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