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Broadcast 8 Part 2 – Noah Revealed

In the eighth Brit Olam broadcast, Jim Long learns from the life and description of Noah that our path to improving the world requires us to follow the detailed instructions given to all humanity.

The eighth Brit Olam broadcast took place on June 9, 2013. Jim Long notes the unusually detailed plans given to Noah about how to build the ark, with precise details of the materials and the dimensions. This is very unusual in the scriptures, but there is a parallel in the detailed instructions given for the construction of the Tabernacle. The role of humanity is to be “righteous” by following the detailed commands that G-d has given through His priests, the Jewish people.
Jim Long calls himself a “card-carrying Noahide” who loves G-d, Torah, and Israel. He is an author and filmmaker, and the founder of Lightcatcher Productions. Jim and his wife, Carol, have released several Torah-centric books via their Lightcatcher Books imprint.

Noahide World Center

In response to the spiritual and value-driven demand for the word of God to be disseminated by the nation of Israel to all of mankind, we have established “Brit Olam – the Noahide World Center” in Jerusalem. We are in constant contact with many people all over the world who have a strong desire to learn the words of God.

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