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The truth of Torah challenged by Islam


By increasing Islam in Europe we are more and more confronted with Islamic challenges of the Torah.
Xtians never challenged the text itself, only the interpretation of it.
But the basic claim of Islam is that we Jews changed Tenach, as far as I see now around or more then 2500 years ago, to their claims.
And because Koran writes it, it is divine for them, revealed by G’d to Mohammed, so not disputable.
Even when there is no evidence or proof at all for this statement.

In our forum they try to challenge the reliability of the Torah/Tenach by quoting different pesoekim who seems to contradict each other, and so proving their claim that Torah/Tenach is falsified by jews and with Mohammed corrected.

What is your advise to do with such ‘attacks/challenges’ of them on our forum by muslims ?

So, Xtian challenges are easy to deal with, but see the much more serious problems by islamic ‘attacks’.
Seeing that all those discussions lead to nothing, only a stupid fight about ‘who has the truth’.

I see forward to your response.


–Details:Besides contradictions in differnt Torah/Tenach texts, there is a whole issue of the history of the Torah/Tenach.

We are now also confronted by people on our forum who have had never any biblical education, but want to know if the Torah/Tenach is true.
Truth is in their opinion the samiliar to ‘historical proven’.
For example, they ask now the story of the creation and saying that there appears babylonian words in it. So, it is not from G’d, but a human story written in the babylonian time.

\you see, here the same question about the historical reliability of the Torah/Tenach.

We want advise how we can react on all those questions.
They don’t want to follow lies and other sectarian approaches and claims, and in fact I agree with them.

Because we claim as jews that Torah is rationalistic. Tsefanja goes so far that he is sure all can be understand rationalistic and nothing need to be believed. When you are really totally rationalistic, you will know and see.
I tried to explane him that our brain/thougths are not neutral but he is convinced that real rationality is neutral and can be reached by everyone.

The discussion with Tsefanja is another discussion, but when people can totally know the truth without Torah, only by real rationality, then the possibilty is there that Torah is not the source of study anymore.
I don’t say that that is Tsefanja’s conclusion, but i feel a bit uncomfortable with that. He is convinced that real rationality will bring the right and correct morality as well.

What should you answer on this issue ?
He has read all of this website, but saw no discrepance between his statement and all info I gave from here and some other websites (for example from rabbi Lopes Cardozo).

See also forward to your response on this private part of my message.

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