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Noahides and Christians

Q: Is it proper for a Noahide to show hostility towards Christians?


Q: I personally know one Noahide well. This person is the most hateful person towards Christians I have ever seen. He is mocking, insulting and demeaning. He claims that is how all Noahides feel about Christians.
Reading your website I find this behavior troubling.
Is this attitude and behavior typical? Is that actually the belief system of Noahides? It is my hope that this person is just misinformed and in and of himself troubled and in need of prayer by you and myself rather than that this is a reflection of your belief system.
Is there anything that I might say which would be affirmed by you that would ease this hostility towards Christians? These statements on occasion are actually scary for those who hear them, especially since they are declared in the name of Noahides as a whole.
A: I can understand that some person makes such a statement. But I cannot agree that it is a general opinion.

Let’s begin at the beginning, and you will understand. Most Noahides you come in contact with grew up as Christians. As you can understand, leaving belief in Christianity is not easy. It takes a lot of emotional strength. Living as a Noahide in Christian surroundings is not easy. It also takes a lot of strength.

Out of weakness, people tend to try to make things simple emotionally, and instead of relating to Christians and Christianity as, say, Maimonides did, it is so much simpler to denigrate the religion and ridicule or even hate one’s own previous identity.

One should have pity for the people who feel in need of such an attitude. May God give them strength to be at peace with their former selves.

Be assured that this is not common, but rather a sign of tiredness or weakness.
Best wishes,
Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander

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