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Multiple Questions

Shalom Aleichem,

1. I once received a Christian bible from a family member as a gift I suppose, and another relative of mine accidentally got me a book about the Koran. How can I properly get rid of them? Do I burn them or tear them apart, then throw them away in the thrash?

2. How does a Noahide not annul, but rather change a promise he made to G-d? Especially if the Noahide promised to keep all his promises to G-d?

3. How do Jewish men propose?
(a) Is it permitted for them to get down on one knee or would that be a sin and/or unrighteous deed?
(b) If they are forbidden from getting down on their knee to ask for marriage, how does a Jew propose? Just standing up?
(c) If a Jew’s girlfriend is no longer living with her parents, does he need her father’s permission to ask his daughter for her hand in marriage?

4. As a Noahide, am I allowed to study the entire Talmud and other Jewish books such as the Tanya, the Zohar, and so on?

5. The L-rd of Hosts, blessed be He, has done miracles for me and I’m wondering since David Ha Melech would often write in the book of Tehilim that he will praise HaShem for His wondrous deeds in a great congregation, would it be perfectly fine for me to tell the people at the synagogue I attend of the miracles or at least one of the miracles HaShem has done for me?

6. I had a dream and hope you can interpret it. I interpreted myself but still hope you can interpret it as best you can. I was at my high school I used to attend (I graduated last year) and I was by the cafeteria. There were some students lined up on what I consider the left side of the cafeteria and I think a few inside as well. I understand them to have been special education students in my dream because the special education students or at least a select few of them were allowed to get lunch before other students. There weren’t many students in line, very few, less than 30 or 40. No more than 50 or 60 students inside the cafeteria for certain. They were all lined up in what I consider the alternative line for lunch, for I would always go to the other line, what I consider the right side of the cafeteria building. I don’t remember exactly if I was standing or walking slowly by the cafeteria I think I was walking slowly by it though. As I walked, I said not to the students nor to anyone else, I think I either was talking to myself or just simply said “The L-rd will not favor Zion, but the people will favor it.” I think I may have said other things before that but I don’t remember, I do remember for certain stating in my dream what I previously quoted. I understand the word “favor” in “The L-rd will not favor Zion,” to mean HaShem will not show favoritism toward Zion or Israel, He will not be biased.

Toda raba for reading,

– Yochanan


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