Ask the Rabbi - Basic Concepts

Miracles, Healings, Goosebumps

1) Do you believe that Supernatural Miracles … in its truest
• still happen today, whether on a personal level,
• … and if so, would it happen .. because God has endowed an earthly individual
• (such as there were .. in the bible days of the Tanach, ..prophets)
• .. with the “Gift of Miracles, or –of Healing?”
• … or could an individual .. praying and petitioning to God ..have a personal encounter
• .. for example .. an Angel of the Lord to show up and give a message to them personally.. that can be life-changing.
Does similar incidents still happen today the 21st Century?

2).. There has been times that I have listened to the Rabbi give a profound message, comment, or sermon … So what does it mean ..when I feel “sheer goosebumps” cascade across my face, head, or arm for a brief moment …either “during or immediately following” the time they speak …whatever the subject, topic, etc.???
So, what would that “feeling” mean to someone who hears various messages from the Rabbi
• that “feeling” a confirmation?
• ..or is that “feeling” trying to speak to that individua, personally,l to do whatever was mentioned?
• ..or that it applies to that person’s present situation
o ..either as an answer to a dilemma?
• ..or a Word from the Lord to the individual who had that “feeling?”
• ..or to move that individual to “action,” etc?


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