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Halakhic relationship to Noah

Shalom Rabbi, since I am aware of seven commandments I perform them, but recently I came across the following quotes:
And language Maimonides Temple vessels and workers at FFA HW: “sum dishes and animals, and nations are likewise


That nations are like cattle … and who thinks them anything consumptive wind picked up, with like a donkey ‘,’ both nations, as Mr. Marley and all of them will carry the spirit, and thinks them anything consumptive wind picked

R. Zadok the priest from Lublin:

Book, “visiting the barren, YT page, column 3, he wrote:” … and when it comes Messiah … they [Gentiles] will recognize and acknowledge that there is called ‘man’ but in Israel … but in any case, in relation to Israel even now they are a beast … ”

Now I believe highly Balohim”abl these quotes because I feel that God hates me, Abll also I can not believe these quotes were said also to the sons of Noah, that the ratio for those guards seventh commandment pretty well, and so I tend to believe that the intention was for those who maintain seven commandments ,, and because there were simply so those who keep Include all the nations

So I wanted to ask you a small minority also considered an animal guardian?
What are your views?

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