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G-d as “Father” of Gentiles

1) As Jews, we are called “bonim atem Elokaichem” (G-d’s children). Are gentiles also “G-d’s children”? Is G-d each person’s (gentile) ultimate loving parent? (I have always relatd to / connect with G-d as the father of all – both Jew and gentile. Is this belief proper (I also encourage gentile colleagues to connect to their “Father in Heaven.”) Is it proper and true for gentiles to feel and internalize that they have a loving “Father in Heaven”?

2)Does Hashgocha pratis (Divine Providence) exist in the life of non-Jews? Somebody had pointed out that the Ramchal (in Derech Hashem) staes that it is klallis (not pratis, that heir individual lives are not “directed by H’). I know there are other sources that say that Hashem is intimitately involved, directing the lives of all people. I have always believed this to be true. Can you provide your insight here (Either I don’t understand the Ramchal, or I find it completely contrary to what I have always believed – that Hashem is intimately involved / directing the personal circumstances of each and every person). If that is the case, how are we to interpret the Ramchal?

3)Is there merit in G-d’s “eyes” for gentiles who keep the 7 Noachide laws, but in the framework of being Christians (they never reached the point of enlightenment of the gentiles in the videos on your website to break away from church, etc.)? Since most non-Jews never declared themselves as Noachides in front of a beis din, do they still have a closeness to G-d and a share in Olam Haba?

Details:Hi. I commend you on this wonderful website and service to so many people! I know I have asked you a lot above. I greatly appreciate your taking the time to provide your insights to these very important issues. If you do not wish for these issues to be answered on your website, can you kindly respond directly to my email address (
Thank you very much

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