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Deut. 4:28; muslims and Xtians; Gog and Magog..

Deut. 4:28; muslims and Xtians; Gog and Magog..


Last Shabbat rabbi Mizrachi was in our midst and gave 3 speeches.

Afterwards I have seen a video lecture of him on the internet ( his website).


I am sure, it is too long for the rabbi’s to see the whole video.

1. He quote Deut.4:28 and shows that the G’ds of wood and stone are ‘the wooden cross; Xtianity’ and ‘the stone in Meccah; Islam). And that it is hidden in the text. By jumping 50 letters there are the words ‘J-SH-U’ and ‘M-C-H’.

is this explanation known by you ? What is the source of it ? And do you agree with this ?

2. Later and i think also in the video ‘The exile of Ishmael and the arabs’ he speaks about a 5th galut for the jews. The last galut, the exile of Ishmael, will be in his opinion the most worse, worser then the Shoah. Xtians and muslims will unite together and will begin a war against Israel. (i suppose the Gog and Magog war).

Here again, do you agree by that ?

My reason for asking you is: the negative prophesies are conditional. So, it don’t MUST happen.

I had the impression that rav Mizrachi was sure that it will happen in next future. He also spoke about a nuclear war. The rest of the jewish people and the righteous people will cry to G’d and He will act and saving the crying people.

Can we say that it is the obligation of jew and non jew to try to prevent it ?

Can we prevent it ?

Is this really what will happen ? (okay, you are not prophets, but how clear are our sources about all this ?).

How can i understand the ‘free will of humans’ and ‘the wonderful reaction of G’d to help the people’.

For me it seems to be in contradiction.

If G’d will act wonderous, all people will see it and will procalim G’d as the only G’d. But not from free will, but because they see the wonders and cannot neglect them.

Maybe you can give some understanding to this problem.



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