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conversion or not

Q: My experience until now is that many people want to convert, mostly ex-Christians, instead of remaining non-Jewish. One of the reasons is that they miss any structure and daily guideline. Can you explain what profit there is  in remaining a Noahide ?

A: Remaining a Noahide is to be righteous among the nations even if the price is to be alone, as Abraham was against the whole world. The righteous is in truth not alone because the Creator is his fellow. The difference between the Noahide and the gentiles is that he fulfills the commandements of G-d and in this way achieves a direct link with  transcendancy. With our initiative of spreading Noahidism among the Nations, we hope that in a few years new Noahide communities will be established everywhere in the world, so that you will not feel alone anymore.

Rabbi Oury Cherki

Rav Oury Cherki was born in Algeria in 1959 and grew up in France, and he made Aliyah in 1972. He studied at Merkaz Harav Yeshiva, which was founded by Rav Avraham Yitzchak Kook. He performed his military service in the artillery branch of the IDF. He studied with Rav Tzvi Yehuda Kook, Rav Yehuda Leon Ashkenazi (Manitou), Rav Shlomo Binyamin and Achlag. Rav Cherki heads the Israeli department of Machon Meir, and he is the Director of Brit Olam - the Noahide World Center. He teaches in many places throughout Israel. Rav Cherki is the spiritual leader of the "Beth Yehuda" community in Kiryat Moshe (Jerusalem). He has written many books on Jewish thought and philosophy.

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