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buying books

Somebody (a jew) asked me if he can buy a book from a Jewish group, which is not a kosher group (reform or the so called chabad-meshichists) ?
I didn’t know, because the problem is not the book, maybe, but by buying a book from such groups, will support financially those groups, and that is maybe a problem.
I decided to transform the question to noahides: is it permitted to buy a book from groups/organisations/religions, who are more or less wrong and deviating from the noahide way of life ?
We can make it extreme: to buy a book from a shop/organisation who is connected with terrorism or enymies of Israel/jewish people.
And..when you know the seller of books gives money to such terrorist or violent groups. ?

Can we formulate guidelines for such problems ??

I use now books, but we can also invent other items as well.

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