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Broadcast 2 Part 1 – Still Here

In the second of Brit Olam broadcast, Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander discusses end-of-the-world prophecies and studies of the mystic aspects of creation.

“WE’RE STILL HERE: End of Time Prophesies” — In the second Brit Olam live internet broadcast, Part 1, Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander takes note of the fact that we can all see: The world did not end on December 21 2012, as many people feared based on a misunderstanding of the Mayan calendar. Based on stories in the Mishna and on the writings of the Rambam, Rabbi Hollander discusses the attitude of Jewish tradition to studies of divinity and predictions of when the Messiah will come. We should not delve into these subjects – rather we should involve ourselves with how to live here and now.

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