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A Noachide Funeral

Q: If a Noachide dies, he is not a Christian anymore and he is not a Jew.Where should he be buried and how? What is a good reference for the Seven Laws?

Q: Shalom, I live in Israel and I have been a convert for 5 years. After my conversion my mother (who does not live in Israel) started to ask a lot of questions about Judaism. She stopped going to church, took out all the avoda zara from the house. She did tshuva (repented), keeping the Seven Laws, even lighting Chanukah candles and fighting with everyone everywhere about Judaism and One God.

So, she considers herself a Bat Noach, even if she would want very much to convert to Judiasm, but she tells me all the time that she cannot keep all the mitzvot (she cannot be like me). I always say to her that is better to stay as she is and not to convert.

My question is: If a noachide dies, he is not a Christian anymore, and he is not a Jew. Where should he be buried and how? Should a rabbi be in charge of the ceremony? Should I do it myself? Should my husband? My mother said to me that if something will happen to her I should not let any Christian priest touch her… What should I do? Convince her to convert anyway? It is very hard for me and a huge responsibility.

Also: where can I find a detailed list with all the Seven Laws? Thank you so much kvod harav.


A: In many countries there are non-denominational burial grounds. BUT there is no reason not to bury Noahides even in a Christian burial ground. It would be best if the tombstone does not have decorations which indicate a belief in avoda zara (idol worship).
I find that a good concise book [100 pages of text + indices…] is “The 

Seven Laws of Noah” by Aaron Lichtenstein. While a large part of the 66

details he writes are not normally applicable, the book gives a good picture and understanding of the scope of each of the Seven Laws.


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  1. According to this reply by Rabbi Hollander, Israelite burial grounds do not seem to provide for a ‘Noachide corner’. While I do see some logic in the non-denominational burial ground proposal, I can see no logic for a Christian burial ground. When it comes to such practical and highly sensitive issues, the need for real improvement and provisions shows up, i.e. the Noachide corner.

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