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Jewish Holidays

We in QCHU Philippines are obeying or following almost all of Jewish Torah except torah and halakah for Levites , likes Pisach,Shavout,Rosh Chodesh, Rosh hashanah,Yom kippur,Sukkot, and we also rest during Sabbath,as well as we follow the Law of Kashrut.

But care has been taken not to follow this a 100%(not in the manner of Jews) so that we cannot encroach the heritage of the Jewish People. We enforce this in a voluntary basis to members, but since most of us are from Church of God,Seventh Day Adventist and Sacred Name Believer who are already accustomed this feast and laws, so we prefer to remain in such observance in honor of Jewish People and the Torah of Hashem that was given to Rabbinu Mosheh in Mt. Sinai. The 7 laws are always be priority to members especially to new comers.

My Question is;
1. Is this action/Practices are not creating another religion?
2. If this is creating another Religion ,is their other way or guide to correct this?

We humbly submit ourselves Rabbi for correction.


Noahide World Center

In response to the spiritual and value-driven demand for the word of God to be disseminated by the nation of Israel to all of mankind, we have established “Brit Olam – the Noahide World Center” in Jerusalem. We are in constant contact with many people all over the world who have a strong desire to learn the words of God.

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