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Are we dreaming???

Replies to Some Comments about our Basic Video

Shalom to all,

Now that for the past few years we have been presenting to our readers the basic principles of the Noahide covenant between humanity and the Creator of the World, we would like to respond to several important comments that you have sent us.

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(1) Some people have complained about the fact that Israel and the other nations are treated in different ways, and some of them added quotes from the New Testament as proof to refute the truth of this division.

The separate treatment does not in any way diminish the obligations of the nation of Israel. Just the opposite – what we say is that all the people of the world are obligated to perform seven basic commandments. (These are reasonable laws, with a purpose of establishing a society based on justice, a society which would not be involved throughout history with men waging war against each other all the time – does this sound familiar?) Based on this, the nation of Israel agreed to take upon itself additional commandments, in accordance with the Torah given to Moses.

Today, this division among the peoples of the world is clearer than ever before. In  view of the long history of the people of Israel, the unique characteristics of the nation are becoming apparent, even though we have not been able to sit undisturbed in our own land for most of the time since our nation was created 4,000 years ago.

This fact demonstrates the great responsibility of the nation of Israelto bring true ethical values to the world. Even the evil oppressor, Adolf Hitler, identified this fact in his writings, and it was at the root of his tremendous hatred for the Jews. He wrote that since we, the Jews, are the source of morality and serve as the conscience of the world, he saw a need to eradicate us from the face of the earth.

We make no apologies for the fact that the ethical values which we brought to the world still cry out to be acknowledged by all of humanity. The time has come for all war to come to an end!!!

And here is an important note: We do indeed deny the New Testament and its claim of absolute equality of all of humanity, including its claim that Israel can stop observing specific commands, such as the prohibition to eat certain foods, and more!!!

There is one point that is very important to understand – and this is perhaps one of the most vital elements which can help to explain the essence of our dispute with the Christians, while at the same time serving as a response to some of their claims. The fact that something is written in a book does not automatically make it true . Rather, the logic goes the other way: because something is true, it is also worthy of being written in a book! Let me make this clear with respect to the Bible. We do not believe in the Bible because it is a written text. We believe in the Bible because it embodies a tradition that was handed down from generation to generation. We were redeemed from Egypt, we crossed the Jordan River, and we took possession of the Land of Israel. All of these events were accompanied by a living tradition which was passed down from one generation to the next by the prophets and the priests of the nation of Israel.

This is the tradition of the “Keepers of the Secrets” which was first given to Adam and later passed on, through Abraham, to the nation of Israel. It is emphasized in many sources that the Torah will never be replaced, and in the time of King Solomon people came from all over the world and joined together with us to pray to the Creator of the world.

These concepts of the covenant of Bnei Noach and that the Creator was the source of the entire world were not developed merely during the last few hundred years. What is a relatively new concept is the idea that the Torah will be replaced or cancelled, and that Jesus is a god. The nation of Israel never agreed to these assumptions!!

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(2) Is all of this with which we are involved simply a delusion?

It is not easy to respond to this question in a calm way, especially in view of the history of the nation of Israel. We have lived through encounters with ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Romans, and great philosophers, leading on to the people of the French Revolution, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and others, while all the while we continued to dream of returning to our own land and fulfilling our vision – based on the understanding of our great responsibility, to teach Divine morality and eventually to be able to speak to the Creator through the return of prophecy.

Through all the years, we continued to dream.
And is it reasonable that now, just as the vision begins to take shape,
some people are expressing doubts that it will indeed be fulfilled??
There might have been some sort of logic to such claims in the past,
before the creation of the State of Israel and while the Jews were still scattered all over the world.
But now?
When there is a state, which after a mere 67 years is considered as one of the best places in the world to live?
Is this the time to tell us that we are mere dreamers??
No, we are not dreaming, we are fulfilling a vision!

As opposed to the approach of Islam, which reduces man to nothingness in relation to God, and the Christian approach, which reduces God to a minor factor, something which must be “taken into account” in our lives – Judaism makes a clear statement to the world: We maintain contact with the Creator when we pray to Him, and we hope that very soon He will respond to us through the revival of prophecy.

In short: We are happy to invite you to join us in this great mission for the good of the world.


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Rabbi Chaim Goldberg

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg Noahide World Center Executive Director Brit Olam – the Noahide World Center

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