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Torah blessings

In the noahide sidur from Oklahoma B’nai Noah Society, p.165 are 2 blessings before and after reading Torah written.

1. When noahides are obligated to study the 7 mitswot from Torah, I can imagine that they can indeed say a blessing before and after reading/studying Torah.
2. Do you agree with the versions, written in the noahide sidur, or do you suggest something else ??
3. Can you give a guideline, who to use those blessings ?
Must a noahide say them in the morning, once a day, and like jews, also studying a part from Torah ?
Must or can they use them also during a noahide prayer meeting, when 1 person read Torah in public loudly ?

Jews have 2 blessings in the morning for studying Torah, one for the written Torah, one for the oral Torah.
4. Must or can noahides use both blessings in the morning ?
(I suppose that noahides also need the oral Torah to study the 7 mitswot)
Also here, can you give a guideline.

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