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“Humanity Day” – special lesson

Hello and greetings

To you and your family
From the Land of Israel.
First, let me we wish all members in the United States
As they celebrate happily and peacefully with their families.
Especially on this year, that we also celebrate the “Humanity Day”
on this weekend
And this is a great opportunity to invite you to a Special lesson
I prepared for this occasion.


As you know, this Sunday, we will celebrate Humanity Day.
This is the day that, according to tradition, Noah exited the Ark.
It’s a special day because it expresses the fact that we are all children of the same father,
And that despite the tensions, rifts, power struggles and wars,
there is hope for our world
To unite and once again live in peace with one another.
The entire book of Genesis,
The book that the Hebrew nation is currently reading every week in synagogue,
Begins with the first murder case.
Cain kills his brother.
Genesis continues with several other stories of conflicts and fights between brothers.
Abraham and Lot cannot continue to live together.
As Abraham says:
“Please let there be no strife between me and you…for we are brothers…”
Isaac and Ishmael cannot live in the same household either, and Ishmael is expelled.
For Jacob and Esau, the hatred bursts forth as a clear statement,
And there is a serious concern that once again, a man will be killed by his own brother.
In the next generation, Joseph and Judah clash in a conflict
That almost results in the murder of Joseph.
The book can only end when these two brothers make peace and decide to live together!
This, in short, is the fate of humanity.
From its earliest days and to this very day, people fight over land,
People want control, governments want more power,
And imperialism eats away at everything
To a ridiculous extent.
Have you ever thought about why, after Napoleon conquered north Arabia,
The people of Tunis and Algeria
Learned that the Gauls were their ancestors?!…
If it wasn’t a true story, this would be great material for a comedy…
But that’s how the world works

And we believe that it doesn’t have to be this way!

Each one of you also share the idea that it is possible to change,
That there is space for everyone,
That people don’t need to be identical and live their lives identically.

I am honored to invite you to listen to a special talk.

It’s the first in a series of courses that we are currently preparing
At the World Institute for Self-Education [Noahide Universty].
Next week, when our new website will be live,
We’ll invite you to join us as a full partner in all of our courses.
This talk will later be accessible for a fee,
But in honor of this special date, Humanity Day,
We are offering free access to the talk for just 48 hours!
We would love to hear your feedback on the talk.

With all my blessings and greetings of shalom from the Land of Israel,

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg



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Noah's ark during a rain and lightning storm.
Noah’s ark during a rain and lightning storm.

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg Noahide World Center Executive Director Brit Olam – the Noahide World Center www.bnoah.org

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