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Fulvida – Light for Life

FULVIDA – Light for Life – Latin America and Spain

FULVIDA – Light for Life

Latin America and Spain

Since 5766 (2006), we have been dedicated to the dissemination, expansion, growth, education and strength of the Noahide identity. We seek to cooperate with and receive support of each and every Noahide in the world, especially Spanish speakers. We have affiliates all around Latin-America and Spain and we have been growing each year, with the grace of Hashem.
We are aware of the value of the Noahide spiritual identity and the importance of the commitment to live according to the Seven Universal Commandments. Our mission is to build Shalom through the Seven Commandments, living with kindness, with justice and with loyalty to the King of Kings.
The Noahide lifestyle is a simple but comprehensive way that the Creator of the world designed for us, the nations of the world, from the beginning of time, easy to carry out when it is understood that it is the will of Almighty to us. This is our holy way, our real spirituality, our heritage and destiny.
We hope your visit to our site will be a blessing and provide edification. Enjoy the good material that we show and feel free to send us your comments. Remember that you are very important to us, because we are all brothers, sons of the Divine Father.
Shalom – Peace
Moreh Yehuda Ribco
Honorary President of International FULVIDA

Noahide World Center

In response to the spiritual and value-driven demand for the word of God to be disseminated by the nation of Israel to all of mankind, we have established “Brit Olam – the Noahide World Center” in Jerusalem. We are in constant contact with many people all over the world who have a strong desire to learn the words of God.

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  1. My Edenics team has large eBooks documenting Spanish and all native New World words traced to Biblical Hebrew (Genesis 11 + Zephania 3:9). Presenters , sales persons not only earn dinero, but spread the Oneness of Hashem. The material is history-changing but simple.

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