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Shalom uvracha’ Rav
I am trying to find a book translitterated to know which prayers should I recite daily… thanks

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  1. Shalom.
    1st off, I’m a Noachide like yourself, so don’t take my advice as “binding” 😊
    To answer your question I would recommend Siddur Lev Eliezer if you can find it. It is fully transliterated. The Hebrew on the right column, the transliteration on the left. The English translation is on the bottom so understand that it’s not side by side with the Hebrew or transliteration. It seems to be available at Mekor Judaica. It is Nusach Edot haMizrach – Sephardic Nusach.

    Now Artscroll publishes a transliterated Siddur as well. This one has the same arrangement as above but with the exception of the English translation being under the middle of the Hebrew and the transliteration. So you actually know what you’re reading.

    That Siddur follows Nusach Ashkenaz so the prounounciation will be markedly different.

    For example the word Baruch would be pronounced Boroch, Adam would be Oydom, etc.

    And if you’ve never navigated a Jewish Siddur you’re in for a treat. One must be extremely careful not to voice outloud blessings or statements that does not apply to us as Noachides.

    Example: Blessed are you….that commanded us to wear tzitzit or anything that would imply that we are Israel.

    We are not, and uttering such sentences would be a plain lie. You may read it to yourself in your mind with the intent of learning etc.

    After all, when one visits a foreign country it is wise to know and understand all the laws and customs of the people so that one as a guest may behave and act accordingly.

    That’s just my opinion. 😊

    And if you speak Spanish , Siddur Bircat Shlomo is excellent the way the Hebrew, the transliteration and translation are arranged.
    That is how I learned.
    Much success to you.

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