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British turbulence | Haftarah

What I’ve learned from the British decision:

Pendulum of 3D spheres with the flag and globe - symbolizes the impact of the global economy on the country
Pendulum of 3D spheres with the flag and globe – symbolizes the impact of the global economy on the country

On Friday, Great Britain decided to leave the European Union. What a crisis!

I am reminded of the words of our sages: "When Israel is redeemed, all the nations will enter
together, intermingled" (to ask for a reward for the kind way they treated the Children of
Israel during the exile…). This was the stage of formation of the European Union. "But God
said to them, Do not come to me all together – let every nation come to me with their
scribes." And that is what is happening now, when each nation comes alone for a thorough

This separation also highlights the decline of Christianity, which was dominant for two
thousand years, attempting to replace the people of Israel. Now it has become clear that they
were wrong – Israel has come back to our homeland, the land of the Bible, to places where
Christianity was sure we would never return.

The time has come for us to understand that we are in the midst of a struggle about the
proper relationship we should have with the Creator –

* Is God subsidiary to man? (Christianity)

* Is man powerless as compared to God? (Islam)

* Does man revert to nothingness? (Lands of the East)

* OR: as the nation of Israel explains – What is important is a dialogue between
the Creator and mankind!

The time has come to join with Brit Olam. Order a copy of our Siddur (Prayer book) now, in

order to be able to carry on with this dialogue!

May you be blessed with good and healthy life and abundance.
————–   In the meantime until the prophecy will come back:

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Rabbi Chaim Goldberg

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg Noahide World Center Executive Director Brit Olam – the Noahide World Center

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