“The Universal Message of Israeli Judaism to Humanity”, lecture by Rabbi Oury Cherki

Introduction to the Lecture

Dear friends!

We look forward to participating in Rabbi Oury Cherki’s lecture.

The purpose of this lecture is to introduce you to new directions for the development and evolvement of Religious Zionism, which are currently taking place in Israel. We would like to start translating the concepts and ideas of these religious developments into English. This lecture is an introductory test that will enable us to start this project.

We are very concerned about the adequate presentation of this concept – such a presentation is naturally very difficult because of the differences in terminology and associations in Hebrew and English, as well as the different backgrounds and values of religious communities in Israel and America.

And so, we would like to test this lecture to see how it is perceived in English: how to convey the concepts, ideas, etc. and how to fine-tune the material to make it more understandable to an American audience.

Therefore, at the end of the lecture we ask you to answer a few questions. We welcome all your comments, and if it is more convenient for you, you can record your comments and thoughts and send us an audio to ppolonsky@gmail.com

The intended audience for our lectures is primarily the Modern Orthodox movement in America. And we look to you as a focus group, so that it would be possible to assess the correctness of our approach and what adjustments it requires.

Thank you very much for your support and comments.


Thank you for your participation in our lecture. We have a few questions for you:

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