telugoBefore I say a few lines I would like to thank HASHEM for guiding us unto the righteous path a gentile should walk according to Torah.

My name is M. Ravi Kumar (Obadiah), born and brought up in Visakhapatnam, south coast of Andhra Pradesh, India.  Basically I was of a mixture of Hindu and Roman Catholic back ground and living a very normal life as a normal Indian would do.  My spiritual journey started in the year 1994 soon after completing my Bachelor’s Degree and Masters Degree in Computer Science when I was working with a private company.  Thought that Jesus was the Messiah and redeemer of all mankind from teir sins and that thought was strengthened by reading the New Testament of the Bible which eventually lead me to leave the job in the year 2001 and establish a church to save the souls.  Even though I would lead the Saturday and Sunday Worship Service I noticed that something was missing in my life and used to get many doubts about the way the worship was conducted emotionally and in this process began to search for the real truth.   As I was praying and seeking God to lead me in the righteous way I learned that there are many errors in the New Testament and that the prophecies quoted in the New Testament mostly are erroneous, misquoted and wrongly interpreted.  I didn’t exactly know what to do at this hour because I was the pastor of the church leading about 100 members regularly, and what would happen to me and my congregation, where am I going to land next because the Jews are not going to accept us – these were the doubts arising in my life.  Really it was a 6 month dark period of sleepless nights.  At this point Hashem miraculously connected me to Bnei Ephraim Community where I was educated by Mr. Yehoshua Yacobi of how the gentiles are obligated to keep the 7 laws of Noah.  After completing the basic Noahide Course and interaction classes I could now come to understand the will of God towards mankind and the purpose of human life on earth.

By the grace of Hashem we have founded “BETHEL NOAHIDE SOCIETY” in the month of May 2015 with a group of 25 individual families (around 60 members) – the first of its kind in India.  If it is Hashem’s will we would bring light to our country by co-partnering with Israel.


By Ahron Sundeep

“We are two old people, some of the oldest in the nations of the earth”, as quoted by the honorable Prime Minister Netanyahu about India and Israel.

”It is not a country, it’s a union of small continents of different people with different ethnicities, languages, cultures etc…” quoted by an Israeli back packer on her trip to India.

telugo2With 330 million deities, more than 780 languages, 80% of Hindu religion [Islam, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity constituting remaining part] prevailing throughout the land which literally means that 8 out of 10 houses having a deity in their homes praying  them We present to you a small community from Visakhapatnam in India who are not only familiar with the term Judaism or Jew but also realizing their responsibility as a Noahides to follow the 7 laws of Noah with the help of Brit Olam – World Noahide Centre, Jerusalem, Israel ultimately trying to reach the oneness of the one and only god i.e.. G-D OF ISRAEL. If one knows something about India they will definitely appreciate this as an incredible journey made by an unknown people of an unknown place to the known and renowned Israel even under the circumstances mentioned above. With hope and courage in their hearts these small group of more than 60 members are ready to follow the seven divine laws of Hashem under the guidance of Jews which in a way fulfills the quote of “Israel being light unto the nations” in Isaiah 49:6.  Though all this initiative is just a start towards a divine destiny we too hope that Hashem will give us strength to accomplish this task of helping the Noahides to learn the intended righteous way of living their lifes.

A letter from Obadiah (Ravi Kumar)

 Shabbat Shalom Sir,

It had been a very joyous occasion for all of us on the closing ceremony of our Noahide Project.  All of the members of the Society were deeply moved by the way the closing program went.

There was shaking of hands, congratulating each other, hugging and even some of them shed tears of how the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY had led us all through the way till now.  We all praised HASHEM for the event b’cos only through and by the gracious hand of HASHEM it would be possible and none other.

Sir I would like to thank u from the depth of my heart on behalf of the NOAHIDE SOCIETY from Vizag that u had conducted the project in a very systematic and disciplined way and guided us to the righteous path a gentile should walk according to Torah and made us to stand firm in the truth.  Thank u so much for the guidance and support extended to us and we hope that this bonding would be strengthened more in the future and may we be co-partners with the chosen people of Israel according to the will of HASHEM.

I am attaching herewith photos of the event for your records.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,