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A special opportunity:

Take the first practical step in applying
Noahide secrets to Achieve
Spiritual and Emotional Effectivity

Get yourself a copy of the special siddur (prayer book),
published for the Nations of the World.

*** The number of copies is limited ***
you can purchase it only through us!!!

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» The siddur will be your psychologist and your best friend and will help you overcome failures, frustrations, and pain and will make you stronger and happier.

»» The siddur can provide you with an escape from anxieties, which everyone experiences on a daily basis and will enable you to summon mental strength and get you through every challenge.

» The siddur will provide you with magical moments of elevated spirit and getting closer to the Creator of the Universe so that you can get stronger emotionally, mentally, and physically.

» The prayer book will give you meaning and a taste of life so that you will begin to experience a more satisfying and calmer life.

The prayer book is available in the following languages: Hebrew, English, French, and Russian (It is currently being translated into other languages)
The development of this prayer book, which is suited to Bnei Noach, has taken three years and the investment of a large budget.
Our vision is to make prayer accessible to everyone interested. However, we deem it essential that the prayer book reaches the hands of only those who truly desire it, and therefore, we are charging a token price of $29.99. For you, it’s 10$ only!!!

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