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Seeking for the truth many years?
Take our meaningful Free Noahide course !

Everyone who has taken part in this FREE course has been touched
and has expressed heart – warming enthusiasm
about the wonderful and meaningful content of this Noahide course.

We receive much feedback  from people who have been seeking the truth
— the dynasty of those who guard the secrets (the Israel nation) —
for many years,

and feel that they have finally found
what they had been looking for !!!

This course will expose you to:

♦ All you ever wanted to know about the way to achieve happiness through internal elements even if fate seems to strike you down regulary & you feel that the whole world is against you!

Books and a coffee cup on a windowsill

♦ The 7 Commandments which will accelerate your personal and spiritual development, showing you how to use them to improve your physical, mental and emotional health!

What people say:

  •  I very much enjoyed the first three recordings…  I also look forward to the additional audio classes when they become available…” [Dean Gates]

  • “I am interested in learning more about Noahides and what it means to be a Noahide. I have been learning… for the past few years and now have learned about the 7 Noahide Laws and would like to learn more…” [Tonya]

  • “Shalom. Thank you for these precious teachings… I will continue learning the depth of the laws That are for my identity. Hope to hear from you soon…” [lissett Baez Martinez]

  • Thank you of enlighten us the Torah of Hashem to the Noachide nation…” [DODZ MENDOZA]

  • I am a person searching for truth, I come from a Maronite background and I feel deep love for the Torah and G-d. I want to study more…” [Miled Hayek]

  • Thank You Rabbi for sending me the link to the introduction course. I have listened to the course and ready to learn more….”
    I want to Thank You for the information that you sent to me. This is exactly what I have been searching for for 8 years. I Thank Hashem for leading me to your website. I feel as if I have found a gold mine….” [Dennis Walter]

  • I can recommend this basic course to every truth seeker who wants to learn more about the foundation of universal psycho-physical laws…” [Stephen]


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