The 7 Commandments which will accelerate your personal and spiritual development, showing you how to use them to improve your physical, mental and emotional health !

learn the basic thoughts and what to do to be a Ben-NoahTeach the World

[fruitful_tabs type=”default” width=”100%” fit=”false”] [fruitful_tab title=”Step 1″] Lecture 1: Abraham’s Role in History

In the year 1948 after the creation of the world, a child was born in a small cave at the foot of the Ararat Mountains named Abram (later to be expanded to Abraham). When he was born, the servants of King Nimrod (the son of Kush, from the dynasty of Ham, who conquered the ancient world and murdered many of his own brothers) rushed to tell the king the news that a son had been born in the dynasty of Shem, the “Keepers of the Secrets” who would destroy Nimrod’s kingdom…

What are these “secrets?”





[/fruitful_tab] [fruitful_tab title=”Step 2″] Lecture 2: What are the Noahide Laws?

What are the mitzvoth that a Ben Noah has been commanded to observe? There are seven basic commandments [mitzvoth] that every human being is obligated to perform. These can be viewed as the keys to seven categories of activity, and in this brief article we will try to summarize them.



[/fruitful_tab] [fruitful_tab title=”Step 3″] Lecture 3: Answering Important Questions in Life

How did I get here?
What am I doing here?
What is my role here?
How can I get back to my family?
And what bothered me most was one question:
Who can answer all my other questions? 
In the meantime, all I could do was to talk to myself…
What a weird and uncomfortable feeling…



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Well, if you made it this far, you must be seeking the truth. Kudos to you!

Not everybody is willing to make the effort, to put in the necessary time, and to move on – especially when the subject requires a change in paradigm, taking on a new world outlook. It is certainly much easier to remain in a comfortable position, in the place where you grew up.

But you have started moving in a new and different direction.May you be blessed for this!

Okay, now what comes next?
There is a lot to learn, in addition to the basic principles we have discussed so far. The seven commandment’s/mitzvoth include much more than merely refraining from a set of prohibitions. There are still a lot of practical things to do, since in our world we are not limited to just thinking.

Now what is necessary is to have the wisdom to apply the knowledge through appropriate deeds. We have discussed the foundations of true faith, which can lead the world to act in a proper way. We would like to stop all war and bring about peace among all mankind and between the different nations, leading the way to a better life for the coming generations.

In the next units of this course, you will be exposed to deeper insights about the subjects we have talked about, including a better understanding of the Bible, as it has been handed down in our tradition, through the “Keepers of the Secrets.”

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Like everything else in the world,
Our mutual collaboration will create a synergist
To enhance the powers of each side!

Welcome to a better world!

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg




[/fruitful_tab] [fruitful_tab title=”Feedbacks”] Dear Rabbi,
I want to Thank You for the information that you sent to me. This is exactly what I have been searching for for 8 years. I Thank Hashem for leading me to your website. I feel as if I have found a gold mine. I am overwhelmed with all the great reading. First thing in the morning I begin reading till I have to go to work. At work I listen to Rabbi Mizrachi lectures while I am working. When I get home I spend a little time with my wife then back to reading. I wish there was a way that I could show how grateful I am for your help and to the Jewish people who have preserved the words of Hashem and help us gentiles to learn our way. Blessing to you and to Brit Olam.

Dennis Walter
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Welcome to a course teaching the principles, ideas, and actions that can help you become a Ben Noach.