He has Faith in You!!

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“I give thanks to You, everlasting King, who has compassionately restored my soul within me; great is your Faithfulness.”

When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we recite is the above “Modeh Ani” prayer

What does the phrase “Your faith” mean? Does the Creator have faith??

Does He believe in anything? Isn’t it rather our task to believe in Him?

The answer to these questions is a novel insight that gives our lives 

tremendous meaning – at the moment that we open our eyes in the morning.

The creator of the world have faith in us!!!

He created us and as such gave us a role to play in His world.

If I did not have a task waiting for me, He would not have created me!!

If at times I get the feeling that I am “failing in my appointed task,” this in itself is an awful sin.

Even if I failed to do something, even if my job application was rejected

there is a Being who has faith in me. 

And it is not just plain faith – it is great faith!

There is a Being who knows me intimately and knows better than I do

how much good and purity there is inside me.

He has faith in me, He believes that I have the ability to succeed.

And if the Creator of the World has faith in me

then it follows that I must surely learn to believe in myself.

Now is your opportunity to become part, to join, to connect up with the Divine energy.

Now is the time to renew the charge in “your batteries” and to speak with the Creator [Pray].

You can turn to Him, you can present your requests just like the true prophets of old in the past. This is what has been handed down in the traditions of the nation of Israel.

Touch the pages of our Brit Olam Prayer book, 

not only as a smartphone app but as a hard copy that you can hold in your own hands.

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